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Don’t want to wait any longer to say ‘I do’? Look no further! At Wedding in Denmark, we offer an exceptional service that guarantees you a memorable wedding experience within 10 working days after your marriage approval. No one can expedite the process faster than us!

Our handpicked selection of exclusive town halls ensures that you skip the queue and be the first in line.

If you wish to get married as quickly as possible or within the next four weeks this is the service for you. This service guarantee you a marriage faster the usual wait time of 5-16 weeks, we help you get marriage as quickly as possible.

Say goodbye to long waiting periods and hello to your dream wedding. Our efficient service and close collaboration with the city hall ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

– Full Detailed Documentation List – tailored to your needs

– Guidance With Gathering Documents – making sure your documents meet the distinct requirements of the Agency of Family Law

– Making Sure Your Application Meets the Agency of Family Law’s Demands

– We Closely Assist You With All Potential Inquires by Agency of Family Law Concerning Your Application for a wedding in Denmark

– We Organize Your Ceremony date at the Town Hall of Your Choice and give you exclusive insights into the location that fits your wishes

– Aiming for a marriage within 10 working days after your marriage approval (depending on availability)

Book now and let us start planning your express wedding in Denmark. Your special day is just around the corner!

Please Note: The Agency of Family Law has an Application Fee Of Approx. €240

Price: 1290 EURO

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Photo: Oliver Ørskov

Photo: Oliver Ørskov

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