Ceremony officiant: Camilla

Photo: Oliver Ørskov

A ceremony officiant is a key person who brings all elements of a wedding ceremony together and ensures that it is beautiful, meaningful and fulfils the couple’s wishes and expectations.

Ceremony officiant: Camilla

Ceremony date: Saturday, August 19 th, 2023

Ceremony duration: Maximum one hour – between 11am – 1pm

Ceremony location: one hour south of Frankfurt

The ceremony will be a beautiful and meaningful celebration of the love between the couple. However, it is important to note that this wedding ceremony is not legally binding on the bride and groom. This means that the ceremony does not fulfil the specific legal requirements or formalities needed to recognise the marriage according to the law. It is important that the bride and groom themselves ensure that they also participate in an official marriage ceremony that fulfils the legal requirements in their respective jurisdictions.

Role of the ceremony officiant:

Rituals and ceremonial elements: the ceremony officiant guides the couple and guests through the rituals and ceremonial elements typical of a wedding ceremony. This can include exchanging vows, exchanging rings, performing rituals and any other special ceremonial elements the couple wishes to include.

Personalised touch: The officiant works closely with the couple to create a personal and meaningful ceremony. They get to know the couple, listen to their wishes and history, and use this knowledge to customise the ceremony to reflect the couple’s unique love story and values.

Speeches and guidance: The officiant will often give a speech during the ceremony, sharing wisdom, love advice and reflections on marriage. They may also offer guidance to the couple on how to build a strong and lasting union.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere: The officiant is responsible for creating an atmosphere of love, respect and celebration during the wedding ceremony. They make sure all elements and participants work together harmoniously and create a memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

By using our online booking service, you can easily book a ceremony officiant for your special day. Once we receive your booking, we’ll immediately begin preparations to ensure everything is perfectly organised.

As part of our service, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to help us understand your preferences, wishes and vision for the ceremony. We want to gain insight into your unique story so we can create a personalised and meaningful ceremony that reflects you as a couple.

Once we’ve received your responses, we’ll organise an online meeting between you and our expert ceremony officiant. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss details, make any changes and ensure the ceremony is customised to your preferences. Our team of dedicated professionals will take care of all the practical details and ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

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Price: 2150 EURO